About a new year resolution

Major daily contents of a normal mind (presuming we are normal, which applies to some of us):

What current deadlines are life / career / reputation threatening, and what are the easiest ways out to tackle them?

What excuses can be given to people I must avoid and are sure taking advantage of us while they didn’t care when I needed them..?

Things I said or did recently and fears about their correctness or failure.

Am I really good enough?

Thoughts about what people associated with me (friends and competitors, foes, superiors) think about me and things I do.

What all good and bad things people said about me, and how the good was always less than expected and bad was always exaggerated.

Suspicion about the intentions of some close ones around myself, especially at work.

What are easier career options for better money and lesser work, how come some idiots are born stinking rich and waste crores overnight while I toil first 60 years to earn the first crore?

How come so many people with far lower IQ and hard work get financially successful while the higher IQ caders remains service-class?

Do I always have to be satisfied being poor for being a good human?

I must really pursue my passions and take a wild chance at being successful at them.

I really want to leave all this and be away from everyone including family for a while, travelling and connecting with myself.

I really should have been in a better, more advanced, modern society.

There are too many formalities of society and culture, one can’t just choose to set one’s preferences.

What will be my next meal?

What will be my next free timeslot?

Thoughts about whatsapp messages, bilateral stalking issues, facebook comments and likes, next best post.

How can I impress others by effectively telling others how I feel about something/ sharing something that I feel everyone must know, and the anticipation of appreciation.

That one colleague who keeps on popping head in most thoughts.

Some really funny jokes which are below me to share publicly.

Some very angry thoughts about corruption, crime, rapes, politicians, scamsters and terrorists.

Productivity quotient of all these thoughts: zero.

What I do matters far more than what I think.

I need to concentrate upon that in the new year.

My new year should be free of some of these thoughts at least.

© Rajas Deshpande

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