Freedom to criticize other people’s religious beliefs / faith is redundant.

Before one can criticize or mock any God/Religion it is imperative that they come up with better concepts for mass peace and solace, at least a patient hearing that most people in pain / suffering require desperately .
The majority of world is poor and illiterate. A bunch of rich, developed, civilised, gun wielding educated people cannot decide to hurt the feelings of a majority that chooses to believe in some guiding spirit/ power which gives them solace. Religion and God are individual choices, and the first necessity of civilisation is to know that their own freedom does not preclude respecful acceptance of each other’s choices, unless they hurt someone.
Freedom is supreme, but only if not used to hurt someone. If the use of freedom is to mock and hurt and condescendingly show down weaker people for what they do to be rid of their suffering, or to get closer to their chosen concept of God, then that freedom is worse than tyranny of a dictator.
We all know that as financial status rises, Love, Ethics, Compassion decrease. Just because one has money and freedom one cannot hurt mass feelings of God and Religion. Just as we have good teachers / Godfathers in every field (including acting / film making), medicine, law etc., there are teachers in all religions to guide people, as the illiterate (even most literare) cannot understand many concepts of religion. A living example is Hon. Dalai Lama. Saint Dnyaneshwar, Saint Tukaram, Saint Kabeer, So many Muslim and Christian and Sikh saints and Gurus brought peace upon multitudes. There is no justification of superstition, no backing up treachery in the name of religion, but there is also a strong reason to question open mockery. If you have objections to God or religion, or how one had chosen to practice his / her religion, you can keep them upto yourself, or allow everyone in the world to comment, mock, question, ridicule, print anything about you, your work, family, ancestors, religion, sexuality, lifestyle etc. It is surprising that homosexuality is openly acceptable to the developed world in the name of freedom, but religious choices are not.
Good Godmen are more of a necessity in today’s world, they are certainly more necessary than filmy people who drive Rolls Royce with a “specific” superstitious number, who make crores adversely commenting about religion, but shut up like strangled pigeons about corrupt politicians, religious and other forms of terrorism, and the filth in their own film / media industry. Just because they can make fun of anything, they think they must. When it comes to open analysis of their own personal life, the beg, pressurise, buy the media to hide facts and cry invasion upon their privacy. Well, is religious belief or faith not the most private affair of people? Will you hear and solve people’s woes in absence of these real connoisseurs of humanity: the good Godmen in every religion who strive to bring peace to millions?? Shall all religious saints/ godmen direct the thousands of sufferers to the film industry for proper spiritual guidance?
There are hundreds of saints in each religion who don’t take anything from anyone and bring peace and solace to thousands, by counselling. This article is dedicated to them.

Rajas Deshpande

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