Ungrateful Cheats?

Ungrateful Cheats?
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

Patient rushed to hospital. Triple seat. Breaking traffic rules. Admitted.
Improves when the hero / heroine sings an emotional song.
Why not just sing that song at home? Why take the patient to the hospital? Why not give relief and rest to all ICU doctors and play Bollywood emotional songs in all ICUs, so patients will automatically recover from comatose state to danceable health in 3 minutes?

Hero kills many for revenge. Dialogue “I have an appointment with death (Maut ke saath apun ka appointment hai)”. Then gets injured. His assistant and fans create havoc in the hospital. Hospital staff is inferior to hero’s sidekick and fans!

Why did the director make such appointment of our hero with death? Why not with the doctor instead?

Patient admitted in ICU. Dead, but doctors still keep on treating with ventilator.
Who invited these patients to the hospital in the first place? Why do they wait for doctors to declare if the patient is dead? All hospitals offer facility to take any patient home by signing papers.

In reality:
So many news of some or other celebrity being rushed to, admitted in different “BIG” hospitals. Why do they go to the hospital if they do not believe in doctors? If in hospital, which ward they are in? General, with the poor patients they so much care about on screen , or superdeluxe, where “special facilities ” are provided?

After discharge, there are such sweet twitter / fb messages thanking the fans for prayers and recovery. Except Mr. Bachchan, nobody ever bothered to care to thank doctors / hospitals for their recovery. Also the exception of Respected Lataji who used her money to return-gift the society the best possible service: she created a hospital. None of the 100 crore Bollywoodians found a single frame in their cinema to credit her hospital and the great work it has done!

Who delivers their babies? Who treats their shoulders, knees and whatever else is aching? Who does their plastic surgeries? Why don’t they show it: that doctors enable them to work again..?

Or are they so desperately depraved to get more money that they must defame the very people who help them get better?

Doctor’s, thankfully, don’t owe their small incomes to half naked imported dancers, violence and vulgar jokes. Doctors don’t use “trickery” and umpteen retakes to face real life people everyday. Doctors don’t show off their oiled gym-bodies on screen and then roam around with four bodyguards.

Real heroes and heroines stay in hospitals, are called Doctors and Nurses, wear white, live gracefully in the eyes of God, and save lives, even when you cannot buy their “tickets”.

Ours is a respectable profession, better anytime than putting on make-up and “shamelessly copying” art, action , music and themes from Hollywood and each other.

And Yes

Our astronauts are intelligent enough not to go to other planets naked.

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

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