My Religion, My Love.

My Religion, My Love.
(c) Dr. Rajas Deshpande

Once when I was studying in Medical College (MBBS), my Grandpa told me not to waste too much time in praying God, as treating patients was a superior worship. I had promised him that if there ever was a conflict between attending a patient and praying God, I will first attend the patient. I grew up to learn that most doctors all over the world do that.

It is not uncommon to receive criticism over my blogs here. Why not neglect film stars and TV shows? Why defend doctors, knowing that some are genuinely corrupt? Who except doctors will read these articles? etc.

Medicine is my religion and also my love. I have come here, like most of my colleagues, to do good by choice. I can not take it easy when the uneducated and cheap, corrupt TDH make allegations about the super-educated Indian doctors. If one has real guts, they should try merit based entry in some Indian Medical College, or just one year of residency, they will know where they stand. This does not mean that only doctors are intellectually superior, just that only those who have achieved something intellectually worthwhile must analyse/criticize this highly complicated field.

If anyone talks ill about one’s Mother, Father, Wife etc., or God or Religion, people are out with swords and guns, and will defend with blood their honor and that of their beloved and respected. It never means that everything about the criticized person or religion is right, just that it is one’s duty to guard one’s own sacred faith, and only the learned and intimate are allowed to interfere.
Not the wayfarers whose real God is public attention.

This is a scientific field which has evolved through lifetime works of Geniuses, Nobel winners and brilliant brains who changed the course of humanity over many centuries. It is made up even today of most who sacrifice their peace, safety and lifetime in serving others. It has its own control and alternative system: no one forces you to go to a specific doctor or hospital, and every hospital offers more than one doctors you can avail services of. Excess population and unhealthy country (and so the hurry) is NOT the doctor’s fault.

Doctors are the only religion-neutral intellectual profession directly in contact with general public, and there have never been any examples that Doctors compromised Medical practice for religious difference. Because this is our religion too. Whichever God patient may have, most Doctors treat that patient’s health as their God. Some speak, express, sweet talk. Others do it silently. Some others may not be well mannered. But all worship the same God in any hospital: patient’s health. Some ask money in return, some enjoy the worship itself. But most do meet their God in their patient’s health.

This amidst filth of almost completely faithless, trustless, paranoid, corrupt, illiterate, inflation-screwed and violent population (mainly in India) which expects miracle recoveries of complicated medical conditions in minimum expenses, an outdated legal system which protects the faces of rapists and murderers but does not protect the alleged doctor’s identity before trial, where laws are mainly used for exploitation, and where a successful doctor is presumed corrupt. Where research is killed at National level by policymakers.

Some choose to advise all doctors to keep calm and take it all in their stride, to project a “Social Doctor” who must accept all the ills and go on selflessly working for the good of all, “not thinking about money”. This is usually to pseudo-glorify themselves in media and public at the cost of the sufferers of injustice and violence among their own. These “Good-public-image-mongers” often speak a different language in private.

I may be wrong in writing these posts to defend my religion: Medicine, and its worshipers. But I am at least not guilty of being dishonest to either myself or my religion.

This I can vouch: I have met hundreds of Good and Bad behaved doctors, but never one who wanted to harm or neglect the patient. Even the best of the ‘moneymakers’ in Medicine keep patient safety their top priority. Some may have been wrong in their practice, and they must be tried, but everyone generally does their best to do good to the patient.

There is no other career superior in its Humanity Quotient than health services. Just because someone must throw stones at others to get attention, we will not sit back and be the target.

(c) Dr. Rajas Deshpande

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