The Magic Healers of India

The Magic Healers of India
This stroke patient went to someone ‘famous’ for treatment (patient had paralysis, but in this case without bleeding in brain). Doc with dubious qualifications, not specifying which degree in which branch. Given steroids for over a month in a high dose. BP and sugars shot up dangerously. Fortunately saved.
There are ads in all major newspapers about radical cure of some conditions known in medical science to be incurable: including some heart diseases, brain, spine and nerve diseases, bone diseases and arthritis, cancers, AIDS etc. adding the tag “Without surgery and with Guarantee” misleading millions who spend huge on the “unknown and undocumented ” treatments / medicines. 
Many (not all) paralysis patients improve over time, but by then they are “taken advantage of” by using unproven medicines / treatment modalities, massages and oils, which they think caused the improvement, which in reality is natural.
Wrong advertisements with false claims attracts hundreds of patients, generate huge money, and misuses patients’ hopes to cheat them.
Lawmakers and Courts read these ads daily. A suo moto action in such cases is unheard of. 
Where courts award million rupee compensations in case of allopathic medical negligence, laws tighten the noose around scientific practitioners to exploit them under various headings, it’s a “Free-For-All” for non scientific medical practitioners, claimed Healers and “Health Magicians”.
Mera Bharat Mahaan. 
(C) Dr. Rajas Deshpande

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