Next step in Human Evolution: Inhuman Beings.

Next step in Human Evolution: Inhuman Beings.

(c) Dr. Rajas Deshpande

“I cannot overcome this. I’ve not slept in last three days. It’s not the accident, Sir. It’s what people did to us after that” said Mrs. Dutta, mother of my colleague from Pharma industry.

A God fearing family, Sudipto and his mom and sister were returning to Pune, when their car was hit by a fast truck that braked suddenly. The car was hit from the left side, and the impact pushed it over the road divider, only to be re-hit by oncoming bus on that side. Thrown back, the  car somersaulted three times, the impact dragging it across the road, all three inside the car hurt at many places, mainly head, chest, back and hands.

It was 12 Midnight.

No one stopped to help. Some locals gathered as the family crawled out of the car. Someone commented “We thought no one will survive” and they left.

Private ambulance numbers he called refused to come as it was Sunday.

Sudipto’s sister collapsed with giddiness.

The taxi cab driver who finally agreed to bring them to a Pune Hospital asked for 3500 INR in cash. They did not have it upon them then, and Mrs Dutta, a 55 year old lady, assured in her “injured” state to the taxi driver that they will pay him from home before going to hospital. He refused. “Who knows what will happen on the way?” he said.

Then Sudipto and his family went with the taxi cab driver to an ATM in nearby small town, where they could get some cash, and then the cab driver agreed to take them to a hospital.

The damaged car had to be towed. The towing service asked for INR 3500 for a five km tow to nearest mechanic. There was no option.

They reached a hospital in Pune at early morning.

There are many displays of many toll free numbers all along the roads. Many banners of smiling goldcoated politicians hogging credits for providing facilities to citizens by using public funds. Too much hype about India shining and technology reaching villages. Our satellites fly to the Mars, manned missions planned, the world applauds the news headlines in India.

I wonder if there are Human Beings atleast on Mars.

© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

1 thought on “Next step in Human Evolution: Inhuman Beings.

  1. Hi Dr Deshpande, I went thru a similar experience in pune couple of weeks back. There were two bike accident victims lying on the road near Symbiosis college, time around 12:30 at night, many concerned onlookers, no one to pick them to take to hospital as they bled and their blood flowing on the road, EMRI – 108 unresponsive, we took one who was moving in my car to near by hospital, called 100 and took one ambulance from hospital and went back to accident spot, the other guy was still lying there, again many concerned onlookers but no one to help. unfortunately the other guy did not survive. All the gimmick about this country being great is a facade, the country whose people cannot help a fellow citizen who is dying can never be great, such people cannot even be called civilized. not to mentioned the hue and cry of the hospital to recover their first aid cost before moving patient to Sasoon. As sad as it sounds the next step of evolution is Inhuman being.


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