Fraudopathy: The Pre-Forgiven Mass Murders

Fraudopathy: The Pre-Forgiven Mass Murders© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
Seven year old kid. Multiple types of fits / convulsions every day since years, short and long lasting. 

We know every fit further damages brain. 

Rich but illiterate parents. 

Many Neurologists have advised similar treatments, but parents have no patience to build up (titrate) the dose, which may take weeks/ months. 

In search of “immediate” relief, the child is taken to many “Paths” at a time. 

I asked the parents to bring all medicines that this kid was being given.
Turns out that the seven year old is being given 27 tablet/ syrup doses each day!

Only two are allopathic meds prescribed by an epilepsy specialist, remaining are from three other pathies and few herbals a local “Sadhubaba” suggested.
Except the allopathic anti epileptic meds, there were no names on any medicines, these were dispensed “privately” by some doctors (different Pathies), quacks, and others, without any record / prescription. Parents had no clue what these were, the mom identified them with different bright coloured coatings the tablets had (believe me, there was a rainbow in that medicine box).
We are so easily swept away with blasting news of colours and lead and mercury in famous food products, and heroic, blind panicked actions especially against the “unprotected and non bribing” clients! 
Those with right connections can mix the earth with the sky and get away with it!
I respect the genuine Ayurvedic practitioners, (they are usually extremely humble and don’t treat their skill as business, themselves following a certain disciplined lifestyle) and some others who know their science well and are qualified. But the huge crop of “FASTFOOD MEDICINE” practitioners who gain backdoor entry in the allopathic system play havoc with public health, because the in-depth knowledge of drugs and human body (via extremely tough University exams and interviews) and an experience of years cannot be replaced with a six months / 1 year crash course.
In a country with same medical council and health departments, while one pathy is expected to follow prescription formalities to perfection, writing in caps and generics, other pathies are excused altogether. These pre-forgiven “Doctors” sell anything as “personal secret formula” medicines for huge costs, decline to reveal its content, and seldom give a written prescription. The public so damn impressed by idiotic allegations against the “real” allopaths completely ignores the millions of “powders” “bottled pills” which pack anything from steroids, lead, mercury, arsenic, gold, iron, sedatives, narcotics, plant poisons, and even plain calcium carbonate. These are sold at higher costs than even imported medicines, cause huge healthcare burden via kidney and liver failures, heart, stomach and lung disease, brain swellings etc.. 
The colours used to coat such medicines may contain unhealthy chemicals. But then there are no investigations of such “nameless” medicines, sold openly to millions, without even prescription when directly dispensed by the “doctor”.
There actually are sellers of “Personal Secret Formula” medicines for everything from Neurological problems, Heart diseases to Obesity remedies in almost all major cities. They advertise openly, and there are long queues of the educated and rich in the doors of such, a glaring fact in the face of all critics of genuinely qualified doctors. These secret formulas often contain mixtures of established Allopathic medicines, steroids and herbals. 
But the whole system is concentrating upon screwing the “Scientific hence Costly” Allopaths.
Are there any “Medicolegal” cases known against quacks, other Pathies? Obviously not, because the “side effects” like kidney failure or liver failure” will happen after weeks, months or years, there’s no proof, the failure of results is just “badluck” and there’s always the allopath to blame for everything that finally goes wrong healthwise! 
Allopathic medicines have many side effects too, some are dangerous. I repeat, not all allopaths are saints. But we have proven protocols and a scientific methodology. So have the genuine Ayurvedic practitioners, and some other established ways. This article only highlights the risks in taking “nameless” medicines.
“No prescription Nameless medicine” is a big question mark that needs answers.
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
Please share in the interest of our beloved patients.

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