Grandpa Nation

Grandpa Nation© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
“I am not the same man I was few years ago, Doctor!” He said. “I was far more dynamic, active and daring in my youth, and continued till I was 60. Now I have limitations, one cannot defy age. I get tired and irritated quite easily, and give up sooner. I guess I am wiser, but then again, I do not attract young women anymore” winked the old gentleman with a wicked smile.

“But that doesn’t stop him from trying” said his wife, laughing.
A billionaire businessman with his wife had come for the fear of dementia / memory loss, to get a check up done for both of them. He had obvious markers of age: reduced physical and mental agility, increased tendency to philosophise and confuse logic, a reasoning based entirely upon avoidance of conflict and spirituality (while justifying “profitmaking as the basis of any business”), delayed learning, accumulation and processing od data and calculations, as well as physical limitations due to obesity, spondylosis and daytime somnolence etc., while the wife had similar plus a few additional ageing changes. They could be considered to be having “Okay for their age” health, although there was a chance for improvement.

Both of them had also developed the wise-art of the elderly, to humorously avoid inconvenient answers.© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
“Our business is a multibillion establishment worldwide, and this kind of business needs young talents with a revolutionary, ‘out of the box’ thinking, just to survive. To thrive, we need multiplicity of young talents with inputs from the wiser old generation. So I have now handed it over to my son and nephew, I have taken a backseat.”
“I am planning to accept a Rajya Sabha ticket now. My friend is after me for a long time” he quoted a big name.
The world over, youth has the power to change things. Revolutions were rarely made by the aged. One respects the wisdom, tranquillity and conflict-avoidance of the elderly, but these things alone are insufficient to run countries full of young generation talents. The philosophy of “Adjust, Give up, Compromise and None-Of-My-Business” is causing harm beyond imagination to many nations.
Highly educated and dynamic youth are leading most successful ventures, both business and social / charity, all over the world. Ground-breaking thoughts coming from teens are changing the ways we live. There are thousands of young talents in different fields, scientists and social workers in India, who are shunned by various elderly due to either jealousy (“we didn’t get to do these things at your age, so you shouldn’t.. we couldn’t, so you can’t”), lack of understanding or will to change, or pure ego. That the next generation should suffer the same hardships that I suffered is such a stupid and selfish notion!© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
“Ab tak aisa hi chalte aaya hai, chalne do. Tum kaun hote ho system ko challenge karne wale? (Until now things have been run like this, let them be. Who are you to challenge the system? )” I have heard many times. 

“It is complicated, you are correct but you will make enemies, you will be destroyed” was the “wise” suggestion by 99% of the seniors in different fields. 

No one said “Go On, Fight, I am With you”.
Looking at those who run the show in different departments, irrespective of the political party or specialty they belong to, we find that mostly people beyond 60-70 years of age are running the show. Rarely do we see an elderly physically as fit as in their youth. Mentally too, they may be slower in many cases. We know that every new generation has better abilities than earlier. There are rare and honourable exceptions of course.
One definite loss in ageing is tranquil acceptance combined with linguistic substitution of action. Just like any poetry or only discussions about sex will never produce a progeny, no amount of words will ever bring a change, only action will. Action that starts from oneself, not the one of advising others. Tranquil acceptance is good for one’s personal / spiritual growth, but not to run a country or an institution expected to produce results.© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
I cannot forget the novel “Yayaati” by one of the best authors Mr. V. S Khandekar. The ageing king, addicted to the youth and its carnal rewards, wary of growing old, swaps his age with his youngest son, so as to remain young while his son gets old. This is exactly what I feel is happening in my country, as of now: the old in power have unending lust to run the show with umpteen limitations and compromises than to hand it over to the deserving and dynamic younger generation. Most committees are headed for decades and decades by the same slow paced elderly, who are reluctant to give up even honorary posts for the lust of limelight.
The cultural intimidation ‘to respect the elderly’ is so much taken advantage of, especially in the political, scientific and medical fields, that the concept that an elderly may be “less performing, less able, less talented or less motivated’ is yet to dawn. Most government and non-government ventures are headed by slow system-survivors whose only achievement is ducking problems away from their bosses, compromising and evading, and perpetually bending to kiss the feet above them. Whenever a young talent is elevated, the age-old presumptive allegations rain: “He / She is immature, inexperienced, hot tempered etc.”. Youth is unfairly equated with aggression and then agression with violence. © Dr. Rajas Deshpande
The world over, youth is running the show. All over the developed world, people in their prime, (and not their retired life), are running the best departments including judiciary. Here in India, a nation with millions of unemployed and talented youth leaving the country, we are busy extending the retirement ages especially in the areas which require the highest of dynamic efforts: from parliament to grampanchayat, from school heads to research institute chiefs, from medical to judiciary to social institutes the show must be run by the highest ability: the young talents, who may be guided (not impeded) by respective committees of wiser elderly. So many idiotic old-age barriers stop the young to even reach the top chairs which they deserve, which the country deserves. 
Then when they lose their virility, they are expected to be productive!
Their slogan: “Dheere dheere hoga. System hi aisa hai. Chalne Do.” Let it be. The system is like this. It will gradually happen.
We are not grooming free youth among the talents in our educational institutes, we are growing up batches of elderly compromising generations, not the revolutionaries but servants. 
Because slavery is easy. Revolution takes a man.
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
This is a love letter for those who grasp it.

Please feel free to share unedited.

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