The Power Of Trust and Faith.The Life and Death Difference In a Patient’s Attitude.

The Power Of Trust and Faith.The Life and Death Difference In a Patient’s Attitude.

(C) Dr. Rajas Deshpande
She was admitted in a critical condition, with paralysed breathing. Only a few MuSK Myasthenia Crisis Cases have been reported in the world, probably none from India. I told the family so, and that not much is predictable, there are no guidelines, and some decisions may turn out to be wrong. I also told them I did not have much experience with such cases.

 “We have complete faith in you, Doc. Do what you think is correct. We cannot think now” said her postgrauate engineer husband, madly in love with her, determined to do anything to save her.

A patient is always more important than any doctor’s confidence, ego or pride. Usually doctors do not cross hospital boundaries. A patient cannot be a tool to prove or disprove one’s abilities, however skilled or confident the doctor may be.

The point is not about the doctors, hospital or the treatment. There are far better doctors than myself everywhere. The biggest thing here is that the patient’s educated husband decided to invest in trust and faith rather than google and opinion-shopping equipped mistrust directed against the doctors.He indeed kept himself well informed. 

Some decisions could have misfired, and even a tiny change could have risked life sometimes. But when the patient explicitly puts his / her faith in the treating doctor, it becomes the “doctor’s case” to worry about and do best without being affected by legal fears and allegation anxiety.

I called in Dr. R. S. Wadia and Dr. Nusli Ichaporia. They too had earlier not come across a MuSK Myasthenia Crisis. However, combining inputs and working together, supported by intensive care team of Dr. Kapil Zirpe, Dr. Sushma Gurav, Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh, Dr. Balkrishna Nimavat, Dr. Prajakta Pote,, Dr. Deeepali Tambe, Dr. Prasad Suryawanshi, Physician Dr. Abhijit Lodha, and Plasmapheresis / Kidney Unit Dr. Abhay Huprikar, and the Nursing staff, we could all help her come out of this life threatening crisis.

Thank you, Mr. Umesh Isalkar, The Times Of India Pune.

True, faith moves mountains, and most doctors too!

(c) Dr. Rajas Deshpande

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