© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
“Faster, faster, I must feel the force of wind pushing my hands back” she said, stretching out her hands. Tightening the grip and bending still forward, I squeezed the accelerator grip.
At 2.30 AM, there were no vehicles on the roads. We had completed the rounds on Worli Seaface, and were now scaling the Marine drive. The police chowkies had enough light to spot them from a distance and slow down near them.
The red Yamaha RX 100, that bike which many bikers will know becomes one with the rider’s brain and body, and picks up human feelings better than most humans can, was doing its best spell that night, purring like a wildcat only happy to be tamed. The only noise it made was the silent pleasure it infused into the riders, not the loud firing that begs for attention.© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
“I want to spend every moment of my life at this speed” she said, shouting in my ear, her joyous face lit up the rear view mirror. “I don’t want to ever slow down. I don’t want to take it easy. I want my life to be like the massive eruption of a tremendously powerful volcano and then I will be happy to not exist. I cannot simmer.”
I understood.
Not everyone is fond of a laid back, slow, long life of collecting candlelight moments. Repetition of the same still ignites many. I am in love with fast myself: speaking, working, achieving, reacting and even forgetting! The faster I am, the more life I live. More is not synonymous with longer when it concerns life. I really dislike slow. I hate repetition.© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
The huge dark blue sea had the long white wake of moonlight upon its surface that reached the shores, and appeared like an invitation to walk into it. The Sea-moon combo of blue and white is the liveliest example of ‘cool’ that we all search within us.
We stopped at Nariman point near the chaiwalla on his cycle. I feel one of the greatest social service possible in this world is making tea and snacks available for the night owls. We had the hot chai-shots fast, speaking nothing. The ocean roared and hummed pleasantly. The feel of speed was still upon our skins.
An old banarasiya spotted us together, and offered his best “Paan”, probably an ultimate gesture suggestive of romance for some past generation! I politely declined. He smiled cunningly, as if he knew we were out on some immoral trip. Looking at my embarrassed face, she asked: “Why are you concerned about what people think?”
“I am not. I am irritated when someone presumes” I replied, my anger reflected in the kick that restarted the Yamaha.
“Oh let them be! Not everyone understands that they cannot understand. Everyone can criticise, but few know they should not even analyse.”. I suddenly realised that this is what I needed to imbibe, if I wanted to live a different life than a drab set routine.
“Thank you”, I said, happy that the night had dished out a lifetime nugget of wisdom.
In my future life I met many who are far ahead of the world, far more brilliant in everything, and still far away from people: they are happy because they know they are beyond the need of certification from the slower , repetitive, attention and fame seeking mediocre hypocrites. Besides their stunning achievements, they also live a stunning, magical life. The earlier they realise that they must overcome analysis and criticism by others, they start living.
This wasa new beginning for me.© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
“Chill and Speed up, angry doc!” she said, her glorious face in my mirror again.
At the highest speed, when the bike and us became one with the road and the wind and the sea. I felt her close to my ear. I could not afford to even look into the mirror, we were that fast.
She was close enough not having to shout now.
“This alone matters”, she said, “Neither us nor people”.
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

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