The Extraordinary Winner

ptjThe Extraordinary Winner
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
If stories like this do not change your life, nothing will.
He was born to a poor farmer couple in a small backward village. He attended school in the morning, came home by noon, and carried lunch for his parents to the farm, where he stayed to work with them till the evening. People and friends asked him to give up school, as they thought a certain basic education was enough to be a farmer.
Dr. P. T. Jamdade had other plans. And most importantly, confidence about himself. He preferred to win over the situation.
He secured admission in medical college with great hard work and merit. After MBBS he chose surgery for specialisation. “All along I wanted to be a surgeon, I knew I would do best justice to my life by becoming a surgeon. I am glad I made the right choice of following my heart” he says.
He went on to become the Dean of the Government Medical College at Nanded, and after a while decided that he felt better with his surgical work rather than administration, hence continued to develop one of the best laparoscopic surgery units at the same institute.
I was posted under him many years ago: both as an intern, and later as an assistant surgeon. He taught me basic skills like different types of stitches, intubation, dressing, venesection and many other techniques.
Always ready and willing 24/7 to attend a patient, he was extremely strict, and I was scared of him. But he was equally loving, and taught me many surgical skills that helped me become a better doctor.
During the infamous riots in December 1992, I was posted with him, and I remember how he and two other surgeons kept on operating for over three days continuously, saving many lives from both warring religions. This found a mention in a chapter in my book “The Doctor Gene” too.
I was honoured today when he came over to bless me. Good teachers elevate your life every time they meet you. After we talked about some dark phases in my past, he got up and hugged me.
“What happened does not matter. Where you are is all that matters.” He said.
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

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