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Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

Case 1:
45 year old man. Many weeks of tiredness, then three days of fever, quack treatment. Developed convulsions, admitted in coma. Blood sugars over 500. The long term past sugar index is very high, suggesting he has had untreated diabetes for months. After stabilizing patient in few minutes, I brief the relatives about critical condition.
His brother asks: Why is his sugar so high? He never had sugar. Is it because of any of the medicines you are giving?
I explain them that he has had high sugars for long, the tests say so. Also that we are giving him medicines to control sugar.
The wife says: “We don’t know all that. I think some medicines have made him unconscious”.
When he was discharged recovered, they fought about the bills saying that wrong medicines had caused delay in recovery. They gave negative feedback because the bills were not reduced to their quotes. “We were duped, we lost so much money” the son kept alleging aloud. © Dr. Rajas Deshpande

Case 2:
Old man, 82. Lung cancer, under radiation. Two episodes of paralysis, diabetes, blood pressure, now has drowsiness since Tuesday. His son and daughter in law come to opd on Saturday evening. The old man needed immediate admission and MRI. I tell them so.
“What is your diagnosis?”, “Exactly why is he drowsy?” “Why admission??” “Exactly what treatment?” “What will be effect of the treatment?” and many such screwing questions (sometimes I wanna ask back: when will you exactly pee next?) later, they went home. In the interest of the life of the old man, I chose not to lose patience.© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

They come back two days later, he had become unconscious.
“Why, doctor, why? He was walking till Sunday” cried the daughter, angrily asking us. “Why can’t you make him conscious? It’s been two days”.
Not only the arrogant tone, but the open distrust was offensive. “What is the exact reason of his unconsciousness?” “When exactly will he become conscious?” “Exactly blah blah?” asked the son, as if he was a Judge, and the doctors were criminals.
I wanted to tell them exactly what they were and where they belonged, but refrained. Patient first.
The treatment was on. Three days later, the old man opened eyes. “He has always had a strong will power. We knew he would recover” told his daughter to us.
Upon discharge, they wrote very bad reviews because the bills were not reduced to their expectation.
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

Both came for follow up later.
In both the cases, a few years ago, I would have made an effort to spend more time, compromise self respect and continue treating them. Not now. Especially when peacock-fame decision makers decide about the fates of specialist doctors. Now, I tell them to please follow up with whichever doctor they can trust.

What about the probable income from such patients? Let me quote a dialogue that only Mr. Amitabh Bachchan could have delivered, from a film ‘Trishul’ that influenced me much since my college days:
“Zindagi mein kuchh baatein faayde aur nuksaan se upar hoti hain, lekin ye baat kuchh log nahi samajhte” (Some things in life are above profit or loss, but some people don’t understand that)”.
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

Justice Undone: A head full of S*** speaks again!

Justice Undone: A head full of S*** speaks again!
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande.
The way you have always spoken fearlessly, Ex-Honourable Mr. MKatju, I believe you will appreciate others who do so. Your recent criticism of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was, to say the least, a crass display of jealousy.
If you think that by using great names like Marx you can fool the semi-intellectuals, please be advised that there are better well-read people in this world, even in India, who know when to shut up rather than begging for publicity by making controversial statements. Wasn’t it you who had to retract his comment about 90% of Indians being idiots? Well you proved who was an idiot then.
In the drab lives of middle class Indians like myself, it was Mr. Bachchan who ignited the fire of fighting against injustice, not the narcissist sissies in the judiciary who turned a blind eye for 50 years as the country was engulfed by corrupts, murderers, rapists. If any common Indian stands up to fight against Injustice today, it is far more likely that he is influenced by Amitabh Bachchan, NOT by an MK. Have you heard of any common Indian influenced/ motivated by any Judge? © Dr. Rajas Deshpande.
Your quotes about the literature and philosophies (which you seem to think that only you can understand) are as much a “Drug” as the films by the legendary actors that you have chosen to criticise: probably because you can never achieve what they did. They made masses forget their woes for some time, happily dance and sing. Many a suicides may have been averted because some entertainer helped someone smile, motivated to fight back and win! © Dr. Rajas Deshpande.
It seems but natural that you never were introduced to the concept of “Entertainment”, which you seem to believe is some form of Governmental conspiracy to keep the masses engaged by fielding the likes of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. What a shouting, glaring poverty of thought!
Mr. Bachchan is respected over the whole world. The money he earned is not your donation to criticise. He does nor teach philosophy or give sermons because he has a twitter account or a blog, he speaks in answer to what people ask him. If he writes a diary and millions follow it, you have no business to criticise it.
We learn from Mr. Bachchan the rare qualities like humility, respecting others and especially elders, charity, and cultural values. From his screen persona we learnt how to be an upright fighter of injustice. We learnt nothing from you: nothing, as anyone who is busy only criticising others is not worth learning anything from. © Dr. Rajas Deshpande.
You have written: “Apart from being a good actor, what is Amitabh Bachchan?”
He is Amitabh Bachchan! What are you?
You have written: “Does he have scientific ideas for solving the country’s massive problems?”
Well, what scientific ideas did you come out with, in your entire lif, that helped the common man?
Even the people in your own field are not unanimously fond of you!
Mr. Bachchan contributes to many ads to spread awareness about Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Cleanliness etc., and the govt . uses him to reach out majority because millions will do what he advises. You cannot even qualify to be used for such awareness campaigns: who knows you besides a few educated and controversy lovers?
Mr MK, you have proven one thing: that someone has a head full of S***, so much so that everyone else appears to them lesser: intellectually, morally and every which way.
Legally I wonder what it means when a responsible retired judge calls someone else’s head empty. Medically it at least proves a psychiatric disorder in the former.
Shame upon you, and it gives me shivers to think that a person so cheap ever was on such a responsible post in the past!
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande.