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G-Bhai, The Suicidal Intellect.

G-Bhai, The Suicidal Intellect.
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
G-Bhai is an extraordinary genius, and all that he lacks in the matter of manners, culture, and grooming oneself to a neat and clean appearance is compensated for by his superb analytical abilities and internet access. He was so engrossed in Google all the time, that he was nicknamed G-Bhai by his family.
A few weeks ago, he went to his boss, who owned one of the biggest profitmaking multinationals upon earth. The boss was absorbed in his divine meditation about new tricks to lay off more IT personnel in pursuit of that greatest human achievement in today’s world: moolah. G-Bhai, who believed in complete equality, sat cross legged in front of his boss, and scratching his beard, told his boss where all the boss and the company could improve. © Dr. Rajas Deshpande
The boss, amused by free entertainment, asked G-Bhai where he learnt it all.
“Internet” said G-Bhai, and showed some Googled statistics to his boss.
“Thank you, you are fired with immediate effect” said the boss
G-Bhai wasn’t affected at all. With his oversized grey T shirt, jeans, slippers and laptop that connected him to all the internet data, he was still the king.
He thought of adventure, and went to the Indo-Pak border. The firing and shelling was full-on. He met an Indian soldier who asked him to hide in his shelter. The soldier, who had spent all his life upon the border, was prepared to even die for this citizen, so gave away his helmet to G-Bhai.
G-Bhai was intensely searching the internet, wearing the soldier’s helmet.
“Don’t fire the gun like that” told G-Bhai to the soldier. “This website says the right way to fire is with the gun aimed at oneself”. The soldier ignored him and continued to defend the border. Just as he held a hand grenade to be thrown, G-Bhai held his hand. “Let me search first if you are doing it correctly” he said. The soldier, now in defense of his own life risked, slapped G-Bhai tight and asked him not to interfere. © Dr. Rajas Deshpande
G-Bhai proceeded to write a very critical review of that soldier, saying that in his opinion, all the soldiers were doing it all wrong.
Then he went to the court and tried to teach the lawyers how to argue, and the Judges how to analyse cases and deliver judgments. He showed them multiple websites from which they could learn law. “We are all equals, why are you sitting so high?” he asked the judges and tried to sit on the Judge’s chair.
After six months in jail, upon his release, G-Bhai went to the police commissioner to teach her how to deal with crime and criminals, based upon internet searches from different countries. He came out limping, and refused to tell anyone why. © Dr. Rajas Deshpande
Due to excess stress, his health worsened. He went to the best of the doctors. He demanded that he wanted a complete check up to reach the most correct diagnosis. He was advised tests. He researched the internet and did only the tests he thought were necessary, because he thought all doctors were corrupt. He reached a very reputed doctor with the test results. The 70 year old doctor examined him, checked the reports and told him: “You are a failure in your own life, you have excess stress, and are unable to handle it. You are jealous of everyone who is doing well, and therefore you have developed a complex that everyone who does well is either corrupt or wrong. Go home, exercise, find your own life and deal with yourself” When he tried to show the experienced doctor what internet said, the doctor smiled and asked “Did you also net-teach your parents how to make you?”. © Dr. Rajas Deshpande
G-Bhai then went to many doctors in many pathies. Then he researched and tried many home remedies. But his health kept on worsening. He was very upset and started a blog of criticizing that all the doctors. Here, for the first time in life, he discovered success: he was an instant hit, because there was a huge population who agreed with his views. There are more buyers for poison than for wisdom in this world.
But unfortunately by then, his kidneys failed due to experimentation with various medicines and various pathies. Now he is undergoing dialysis and posts his anti-doctor articles from the dialysis ward. The old doctor recently visited him with his flock of medical students, and spoke with empathy to the bitter G-bhai, who tried to show the old doctor some more internet references about his treatment.
The old doctor then told his students: “This is what I would call a suicidal intellect”.
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande
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The Grandiose Genius

The KHAMIR poison.
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande

“Doctor, we think that doctor treating my mom is giving her the wrong treatment. She is in the ICU, unconscious, for last three days” said the angry and crying son.
A 55 year old nice farmer lady with epilepsy, well controlled with two medicines, without fits for last three years had suddenly developed many fits / convulsions at home, and was now in ICU, ventilated because of the necessity to paralyse the patient to control fits (a common recommended treatment). Her brain had suffered damage due to lack of oxygen as breathing was compromised during fits.

As per their request I called to talk to the doctor treating her. She courteously explained that the patient was admitted after many convulsions, in an unconscious state, with dangerously low oxygen levels. The management since admission that she narrated appeared the correct one recommended in this case. “We will try to wean the patient off venti tomorrow” she said.

10 days later, the patient visited my OPD with her sons. Having known me earlier, the emotional lady held my hands and cried a while, thanking God for her rebirth.

“What happened on that day?” I asked her.

“Oh I had missed my antiepileptic (fits) medicine for five days.” She said.
“Why?” I asked agitated, as we clearly explain to every patient the importance of taking medicine regularly, in time, and stocking extra too.

“I live in a village. My son sends me this medicine from Pune. This time I told him a month earlier, but he couldn’t send it as he was busy”. Said the ever forgiving Mom.

I looked at the son. He said, semi guilty, “Doctor, I thought four five days of break in treatment would not make a difference. Also some people tell us that sometimes doctors prescribe unnecessary medicines for years, so we were confused whether she should continue. She had not had a convulsion for three years too”.

“Then why did you blame that ICU doctor?” I asked, still sizzling inside with hurtful anger.

“You can understand, Sir, we were emotionally disturbed as Mom was critical. Also, we had to spend a lot for her treatment”.

A case of brain cancer, stage 4. Headache neglected for years. MRI was delayed for months after the doctor advised it for headache. Then done at a free center by long awaited appointment. Multiple secondaries had caused block to the flow of brain water (CSF). Operated by one of the best reputed neurosurgeon, only to restore the lifesaving flow of CSF and obtain biopsy. It proved stage 4 cancer. Patient by now medically unfit for radiotherapy. The relative kept on asking: “Was the neurosurgeon wrong? Was the surgery done correctly?”.

Where do we bring faith and trust from, in this world where even brothers, sisters, parents are killed for money and most couples find it difficult to respectfully trust each other?

The more kindness the doctor shows, the more he/ she is taken advantage of. People look at every chance of not paying or paying less, and if paying at all, expecting a miracle with that payment. From someone they don’t trust.

In the widening valley between patient and the doctor, where trust is paramount, shows like Satyamev Jayate and some other media have further created a rift that has caused severe damage. This “KHAMIR” poison has really caused immense corrosive effect on this beautiful profession of intellectuals. Like other cheap “filmy” philosophies, conclusions by revengeful murders, the whole allegation game neglects the very high standards of education, compassion and sacrifice practiced by 90% Doctors in India and elsewhere.

Of course a logical analysis is not to be expected from someone not well educated. Many celebrities have been victims of the “genius grandiose” that money and fame brings.

The effect of this “Khamir poison”:

Many if not most patients now enter the hospitals with suspicion in their mind, and aversion for the entire process of consultation, paying fees, investigating, admission and taking treatment, all of which is a natural healthy process followed worldwide in all hospitals. Indian patients are unaware of how good the available specialist medical services are, at least in the urban/ semiurban areas, at the lowest costs anywhere in the world. Just because there are a few unfair practices (btw, most of which originated out of the policylessness and “charity for all” expectations from healthcare industry) and few greedy doctors, so many others suffer, doctors and patients too!

It takes 2 years to get an appointment of Joint replacement Surgeon, One year for a Neurologist, One year for a cardiologist, Three months to do an MRI, in most of the developed world. These can be expedited only in emergency, where one cannot have the choice of a specialist. This is mainly because they work 8-5 OPDs. Even senior docs in India work late nights and earn one tenth or less in most cases, to be available for anyone within a day irrespective of their financial / social status.

The notion that everything best in medical care should also be low priced or free is damaging the future of this profession. Add to this the loose talk by middle-school educated celebrities who have great hold on the illiterates / semi-literates, people who are angry at the govt., at their own poverty, unemployment etc., and find the “Intellectual, hardworking and doing comparatively better” class of harmless doctors an easy target to screw for their personal frustrations.

The “Khamir” poison is not a surprise, for it definitely stems from a desperate attempt to use one’s celeb status to cover for the lack of any serious academic achievements and intellect by attacking those who have these. What surprises is the willingness with which both the illiterates and literates swallow it, not knowing how harmful it is for themselves.
© Dr. Rajas Deshpande